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Taulu Manor

Taulun Kartano and Harmooni are part of Arts & Crafts Restaurant. It is a family run enterprise, with sustainable values. We value traditions and eco-friendliness above all else.
Surroundings that are more than 150 years old create a special atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else.

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The Taulu Kartano is located in Toivakka, at Kankainen village in central Finland only half an hour drive by car from Jyväskylä.

DISTANCES : Jyväskylä 35 km, Kuopio 120km, Mikkeli 83 km

Locally sourced and fresh ingredients

We serve clean flavours using ingredients sourced from local producers. Depending on the season, we also serve freshwater fish, game, and wild herbs.
It is important to us to develop Finnish cuisine and locally sourced food.

The story of Taulu

The old military office building completed in 1849 began its new life as a restaurant in 2002.
Taulun Kartano and Harmooni are part of the family-owned A & C Ravintolat company, which values traditions and eco-friendliness above all else.

Event venue

Celebration at the Taulu manor

Dreaming of a party in a country manor? Are you looking for rural romanticism and a nostalgic feel surrounded by lush, green nature? The atmospheric country manor and its garden surroundings are an
unrivalled event venue in Central Finland with regard to both beauty and the range of services it offers.
We professionally organize unforgettable celebrations.

Family and corporate events are organized to suit your needs and wishes by professionals with years of experience. We plan the details of your celebration together with you, so that you and your loved ones can focus on what’s important - enjoying the event - and let us take care of all the practical work.

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Inspiring meetings

The manor house offers a natural setting that is perfectly suited to work while providing a welcome difference from normal everyday life. Our range of group work spaces and recreational activities provide plenty of options for your meeting day programme.

We offer inspiring activities to break up the meeting day. How does a relaxing drumming meditation sound? Or perhaps you’d prefer a bowhunting trail? Let your mind rest after a long work day while you network with your team in the sauna. Shared experiences improve team spirit and keeps the group interacting into the evening.

Why travel further when staying local is more effective?

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Manor Hotel

Experience a glimpse of times past and enjoy your stay as our guest with all modern comforts. Enjoy the manor’s beautiful and individual design, and get a good night’s sleep surrounded by the tranquillity of nature.

Relax and sleep well amid the beautiful traditional cultural landscape, whether you’re on a business trip or a holiday. There are some fantastic natural sites nearby for you to explore, or choose a pre-planned miniholiday with activities.

The summer restaurant serves overnight guests, and outside of the summer season, dining for individual guests can be booked in advance.

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Sauna experiences

Kartano’s saunas, the Garden Spa in the main building and the Country Spa on the shore of lake Hautajärvi (300m from the country house) offer relaxing sauna steam for our guests.

Both saunas form an inviting setting to relax and unwind in a Finnish sauna.

You can also order food or a sauna evening snack to your sauna and we’ll organize a delivery.
The saunas have an A-licence to serve alcohol. We stock a wide range of drinks. We charge according to consumption.

Guests may not bring their own drinks.

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